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Hollywoodbets a company everyone has probably heard of by now, they are famous in South Africa for their online gambling website and various sponsorships in the community. One of their highly entertaining offerings is their live casino games section. With Evolution Live games on Hollywoodbets offering the highest diversity of options. This can range from blackjack, poker, roulette and various live game shows like the infamous Deal or no Deal game show as seen on TV.

Live Casino Games Hollywoodbets

If you have not already signed up for a Hollywoodbets account then click on the below image for a R25 sign up bonus and 50 free spins.

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How To Play Live Casino Games?

When you are logged into your Hollywoodbets account simply go to the Casino by evolution section and you will have an array of games to choose from. You can then simply select any of the games that you fancy. For example if you are in the mood for some Deal or no Deal simply select the game from the choices and you will be connected to a live game show host that interacts with the players and the hosts are usually very entertaining as well. 

Deal or no Deal Hollywoodbets

Live Games that we recommend

1. Deal or No Deal

This game has amazing potential as it can give big rewards for only a moderate amount of risk. We highly recommend this one especially if you have a higher starting balance.

How Deal or No Deal works?

You must select your bet amount and then you spin a wheel to qualify also known as the qualifier wheel. You must align three ring sections  in order to qualify for the Deal or no Deal live game show. You can also make it easier to qualify by selecting the feature that locks the rings in place, this will be “Normal” Which is all 3 rings are in play. “Easy” with 1 ring being locked so you only have to align 2 rings. “Very easy” This will lock 2 rings in place so that only one needs to hit. Each stage increasing the bet amount.

Once you have qualified you can select a case between 1 – 16 to fill up with a bigger payout. Each spin on a specified case makes the cases value go up with a value that is determined by a spinning wheel and also cost an X amount of money. You can select multiple cases to top up with a better chance of getting the final win.

Deal or No Deal tips and tricks

When playing Deal or no Deal we recommend that you qualify on a smaller stake with the Normal wheel option. Once you have qualified increase your stake and select at least 3 cases to top up. Play until the second round has ended and take the bankers offer. With this method you will make slow and steady gains with greater payouts the more you top up the cases.

Deal or no Deal Play Hollywoodbets

2. Crazy Time

This is one of the classic games with unbelievable potential if you manage to land one of the bonus games that are on offer or if you just want to make slow and steady balance increases with the number multipliers.

How Crazy Time Works?

You can place a bet on the number multiplier section with multipliers ranging from  1x, 2x, 5x or 10x. You can also bet on the bonus game section with the bonus games being  coin flip, pachinko, cash hunt or crazy time.

The game starts when the round timer runs out, and it starts with a secondary wheel that spins to add an extra bonus effect the can be a 1-50x multiplier on any of the existing multipliers and to the bonus games. It can also not land on anything which will result in no extra bonus this on top of the game this round. The main wheel is then spun where you have the chance of landing on any of the selections that you have made with bonus game selection being fewer on the wheel.

Crazy Time tips and tricks

With numerous play sessions under the belt our best strategy for this game is to play a higher stake on the multipliers as they land more often while at the same time keeping a smaller stake on the bonus games. With the exception of coin flip as the reward with a smaller stake is not as rewarding as the other bonus games. With this strategy you can make constant returns with occasional big wins.

Another strategy that also works rather well is only betting on 1x as this has the highest chance of landing. Then every time it does not land on 1x you double your bet in 1X and keep doubling until it hits. Once it hits you return back to normal betting stake. This may not seem rewarding at first but there is lots of profits to be made over time.

Crazy time Hollywoodbets

Cash or Crash

This one is also a real entertaining experience with lots of potential for big payouts do. Do not miss this one in your next play session!!

Cash or Crash Hollywoodbets

How Cash or Crash works?

You place a bet on the game and then when it starts all the balls inside the tumble starts whirling around. After a few seconds the air stops pumping in the tumble and the balls all fall down with one entering the center hole. A arms pushes out the ball and if it is green you go on to the next round with a higher multiplier on the bet amount. If it is a red ball you lose the round. You can choose to take half of you winnings or everything or you can opt to keep playing. There are a total of 28 balls that are in play. 19 of which are green, 8 which are red and one golden ball.

The golden ball is considered a life line, meaning you will not lose the round when a red ball is drawn after the golden ball has been acquired. But it can only block one red ball so be careful. After the golden ball protection is removed by the red ball the multipliers for each stage also go up by a considerable amount.

Cash or Crash tips and tricks

When playing this game it might seem like the odds are in your favor as the green balls are more then double the amount of red balls, but as the rounds get higher the chances of drawing a red ball increase drastically. So our tip for this game would be to play at a slightly higher stake and let it go to round 6 and then cash out and play again. If the golden ball is drawn in this period then it is also a free ride to a decent payout. After round 6 the odds start to look a bit more risky and it can be easy to get drawn in by that cash amount on offer if you continue the game.

Also when you go into the game it is recommended that you view the history of the games that has been played this will give you a general idea of how things have been going. If it is all red rather stay away for a few more rounds, if you see a good streak of green with higher rounds that have been reached it is a good idea to stick around for a few rounds.

Some more Live casino games that we can recommend and that we will also cover in depth in later posts include :  Blackjack, Roulette, Dream catcher, Aviator.

These are also games with amazing potential and great entertainment. Everything live, different hosts and big wins!!!!

For the more casino table players have a read on our roulette post about all the types of roulette available on Hollywoodbets such as double-ball roulette & lighting roulette.