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With the best membership at PTW you get the best, this membership is designed for the serious punter who is looking for a range of confident bets and big betters and a long-term profit ratio. With this membership, you’ll receive everything included in the gold package plus some extra exclusive big bet confidence.

What’s included:

  • Daily tipping: Our team of experts provides you with a range of confident bets every day.
  • Famous Blue Bets: Our best bet, value bet, one to watch, outsider for the day, and place bet for the day recommendations are sure to give you an edge.
  • Daily perm of the day: Bi-Pot, PA, Jackpot, Pick 6 – we cover them all!
  • Whatss app communication.
  • 1 – 5 Premium big bet selections
  • Trainer and jockey information: You’ll receive exclusive insights into the form and performance of horses, trainers and jockeys, giving you an edge in your betting.

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