Top 5 Spina Zonke Slot Games

Top 5 Spina Zonke Slot Games

Hollywoodbets has always been a famous platform in South Africa for online sports betting, but ever since online live betting and slot games were introduced to our South African Market a whole other world full of fun and games emerged and changed life as we know it.  Spina Zonke, established in early 2021 is a platform located on the Hollywoodbets website where you can play slot games and stand a chance to win big. All you must do is Register a Hollywoodbets account, click on Spina Zonke and start playing to win big!

If you are someone who loves slot games, but don’t like the idea of getting dressed and going out to the casino – then Spina Zonke on Hollywooodbets is made for you! It is like sitting at the casino, but even better – in the comfort of your own home. Let Spina Zonke help you save that unnecessary petrol cost it would take to get to the casino and the time it will take you to get ready.

Don’t know which games to play? It can sometimes be difficult to choose a certain slot game as there are so many and they all look so fun and interesting. Besides – we all want to play the games that have a reputation for the highest pay-out, don’t we? Don’t you worry. We’ve got your back. We have made life easy for you by summarizing our top 5 Spina Zonke Slot Games. These games have fun symbols, are easy to play and understand and have a history of some huge pay-outs and jackpots won.

Top 5 Spina Zonke Slot Games

In no specific order – here is a list of our top 5 favorite Spina Zonke Slot Games on Hollywoodbets.

  1. Wicked Witch
  2. Fortune Dogs
  3. Hot Hot Fruit
  4. Pirates Plenty – Battle for Gold
  5. 1001 Nights

1. Wicked Witch

Wicked Witch is such a fun game to play. It has a mixture of the classic symbols mixed with other symbols related to the Wicked Witch herself. There is a beautiful dark mixture of colors including green, red, black and purple that all come together to form a fun canvas. There is also spooky, tantalizing in-game sound that ties in so well with the Witch theme. Click on the Info button in the left lower corner for the full game rules.

The “9-, 10-, Jack-, Queen-, King- and Ace” are the lower paying symbols and the higher paying symbols include the “Cat-, Fireplace-, Broom- and Book” symbols.
The Witch acts like a wild and substitutes for any symbol except a scatter symbol. The Witch acts like a wild and substitutes for any symbol except a scatter symbol.

3 Scatter symbols (the green cauldron pot) are needed to be awarded free spins. The real fun starts when you must collect four ingredients to add to the witch’s cauldron in order to add more free spins to the game.

2. Fortune Dogs

Fortune dogs is on the lighter side when compared to the Wicked Witch. This game is for our dog lover out there. It has different dog symbols from the cutest little pup to even the larger bulldog symbols. The sound links well with the theme as it has barking sounds.

3 Scatter symbols (golden paws) are needed to be awarded free spins. Fortune Dogs slot game enables you to stand a chance to win anywhere from 200x to 10 000x by collecting coins that go into the Prize Pot feature.

3. Hot Hot Fruit

Probably one of the most popular games since the start of Spina Zonke would be Hot Hot Fruit. This slot game is famous for its quite regularly triggered “HOT, HOT” feature which can be triggered randomly. The symbols are user friendly and simple to the eye yet fun and cool at the same time. The fruit theme is so refreshing and takes you right to the feeling of fresh summer, fruity vibes. It has interesting neon colors and a friendly, fun background tune that goes along with it.

The “HOT HOT” feature can be triggered at any time in the game and increases the chances of a bigger payout. See image to the left.

4. Pirates Plenty – Battle for gold

This pirate slot game is so exciting. Once you open the game, you do not have full access to all the pay lines. As you should, first need to sail through “the wild island sea map” at the top of your screen, where you must collect maps to proceed and get closer to your destination of unlocking all the reels.

Once you have arrived at “Wild Island”. Two reels gets added to the game and many extra pay lines, maximizing your chance to hit the big jackpot and free spins. It’s also good to note once you have unlocked it on your desired stake / bet It will stay unlocked forever this is a once off process to get to the island on your bet size but changing the bet lower or higher would require you to sail again to Wild Island before unlocking the extra lines and reels.

This is how it looks when unlocked and as you can see we unlocked it at R12 spins

The slot machine also offers various other mini bonuses while spinning, like the “Wild Monkey” this is triggered at random.

When the WILD MONKEY symbol lands, the monkey removes all low-paying symbols from the reels, allowing new high-paying symbols to take their place.

BATTLE SPINS this is free games and is not easy to trigger but once triggered one feels the stack of potential this online slot has to offer because it has sticky wilds that stay on the paying lines while your spins complete. Three (3) BATTLE SPINS symbols are required anywhere on the screen to trigger the free games! You will randomly be given between 8 – 12 free spins

WILD symbols that appear during BATTLE SPINS will lock in the duration of the Bonus Round.

FIRE! symbols and Captain Blackbeard may appear during BATTLE SPINS.

This slot game is a must try and extremely fun to play and adventure to Wild Island.

5. 10,001 Nights

Much like nr 4 on our list this is online slot machine at Spine Zonke is also journey driven and needs you to unlock all the reels and pay lines but once you have completed it, has great potential this was also one of our biggest wins making just shy of R25 000 for R8 spins in the free spins “Destiny Spins” needing 3 special symbol to trigger.

But before we jump into the slot game free spins lets talk about 10,001 Nights adventure in to unlocking the full slot game experience and pay lines. You need to collect magical lamps the more lamps you collect while spinning the more “mini bonuses” bar fills up.

As seen not unlocked, now have a look at it fully unlocked

Once you have unlocked all the extra “mini features” they can be activated at randomly and provide big wins and Destiny Spins allow you to trigger the “random features” a lot more often in those 8 Free Spins 


The Free Spins bonus is triggered when at least three Destiny Spins symbols land on the reels. Three symbols trigger 8 bonus spins, four symbols trigger 10 bonus spins, and the maximum five symbols trigger 12 bonus spins.

10,001 Nights is by far one of our personal online slot favorites as you can trigger mini features often and is packed full of excitement in each click of a spin.

Spina Zonke has a lot of slot games to offer and will most probably increase as time goes on. As of now, these are our Top 5 slot games that we would recommend to start playing as they are fun, easy and have big to massive possible pay-outs. The ball is in your court. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of making big bucks. So, get to it and start playing!