How does Spina Zonke work?

How does Spina Zonke work?

Spina Zonke is a platform on Hollywoodbets that allows for someone to play online slot games and stand the chance to win major possible jackpots. Once you have successfully registered an online Hollywoodbets account – the real fun starts when it comes to the time to play. With over 350+ online slot games – there are so many options to choose from. So many in fact that it sometimes makes it difficult to just choose one slot game. Pocket The Winner has made life easier for you by summarizing our Top 5 Spina Zonke slot games.

Are you a first time Spina Zonke player? Do you struggle to understand the game and how it works? The one factor that can sometimes hold a person back from joining in the fun the fact that they do not know ho the game works. There are a few things to understand if you are new to Spina Zonke or if you struggle to understand the rules of the game. Continue reading if you want to find out more on How to play Spina Zonke or if you struggle to understand certain parts of the games.

It is obvious that all games are different with various types of symbols, features and triggers, but overall, the rules/ framework remains the same. Follow this step-by-step guide on How to play Spina Zonke.

Step 1 – Click on Spina Zonke

After logging in you start off on the Home page and then click on Spina Zonke.

Home page Hollywoodbets

Step 2 Choose a game and press accept

You will then be taken to a page filled with all the many games, you just have to pick one that catches your eye! As an example, we will be using the slot game: WOLF GOLD. Read more for a detailed review of WOLF GOLD by Pocket the Winner. Once you click on the icon of the game you prefer – the next step will be to click on the ‘Accept’ button that displays the Bet Symbol Prediction

Step 3 – Press on the ‘refresh/enter’ button

After clicking on ‘I Accept’ the pre-loader of the game will appear. Press on the circular button to go to the slot game and to start playing.

Step 4 – Determine bet level

One of the most “confusing” factors to the first-time players is the ‘Bet Level’. This may be because of fear of accidentally betting too much or too little. See illustration below on how to adjust bet level. The bet level can be from as little as 75 cents to R800!

Simply press on the minus on the left hand side to lower the amount for each bet or press on the plus on the right hand side to increase the bet amount for each spin.

Step 5 – Start spinning

Now that you are satisfied with the betting amount all that is left is to press play! In this case it is the circular button to the right lower corner of the image below. Autoplay can also be selected if you are more into watching than pressing the button manually for each spin. This just means that instead of manually pressing the spin button each time – the game does it for you. Just make sure to keep a close eye on it.

Wolf Gold Slot

In some to most slot games there is an ‘Info’ button. This button gives a description of each symbol and how they work. It also explains how a bonus feature or free spins work, provided that specific game has it off course. It also gives a visual description of the possible line payouts.  This is a good feature to have as it not only stipulates the rules of the game, but also serves as an explanation for winning and or losing combinations.

There are other settings that can also be altered for example the sound. If you press on the sound button in the left lower corner as seen above, the sound will mute and unmute when pressed again.

The three dots on the top right-hand corner can take you to the game lobby where all the other games are visible. It can also provide you with the latest wins and the top wins with the fun of a replay video.

It really is such a fun experience when pressing that button for the first time. And that is not even mentioning the feeling of your very first win. Let’s be honest – we all want that feeling of hitting that major or grand jackpots and the only way that will happen is if you start playing today! So don’t waste time. If you haven’t yet, Go register and create a Hollywoodbets account today and join in on this fun! Stand a chance to be a winner.  

Gambling and betting is not promoted for anyone under the age of 18. Pleas gamble responsibly. Have fun!